This page provides answers to all the registration questions.

If you wish to create a new account on the forum please continue to read this page.
If you wish to find out why your account activation has failed then read (Section 2.a) below.

Section 1.a How to register an account on Scale Plastic Cars.

Read this section then click the Registration register

We have encouraged our users to use correct names and date of births, why?
When a spam bot or fake account is created,often it is generated with random data to fill in the required fields.
By filling in your first name and real Date of Birth it ensures us that you are a genuine user and not a random account.
We also require that you fill in two multiple choice questions.The answers are simple.
Make sure you select the correct answers.
Always use your real email address,
If you enter a random email address this will decrease your chances of being activated.
Lastly, Your nickname,probably the most important of all.
Please use a sensible name, If you use random characters or sexual content you will most certainly fail the registration process.

IMPORTANT At the bottom of this page is a password, Make sure you copy that password into the password field when you are
asked for the password during registration.

Section 2.a Why did my account fail activation on Scale Plastic Cars.

We ask for specific entries in your registration, for the safety of your account and also for the safety of the members on spc.
Some of the reasons you will fail the Registration process.
. Username Contained unacceptable content such as a random name I.e RTY5674D, It could contain Racist,sexist or tasteless references
. Password request was wrong. Did you by chance enter your own password instead of entering the one at the bottom of this page?
. Date Of Birth, If you enter a random Date and it’s clearly beyond acceptable then we will fail your account process. Don’t use 13/2/1902 as an example.
. Anti Spam, Did you answer the Anti spam questions. If you havent entered or even made an attempt to put the correct answer, your account will fail.
. Email address, Did you put in a random email, that clearly doesn’t even look genuine, we will fail your account.

Often there can be an error in your registration process, we won’t fail it for one mistake, please make sure you add enough genuine information
so that we can be convinced that you are a human.

The password to have your account activate on Scale plastic Cars is scaleplasticcars
COPY scaleplasticcars and paste it into the password field at the bottom of the registration page.
Thats all.!