“Revell 1/24 Ferrari California open top”

“By el manolo”

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We Asked el Manolo about his model and why he decided to change some of the

Parts in the kit and find out what he added in it’s place.

Manuel,What made you decide to build the Revell California and where did

you purchase the model and the parts from.?

My scale model collection consists of European exotic and historic cars.

Thus, I do not choose a model by its brand but by the car itself.

I got the model from eBay UK. The parts from Hobby Design and KA models.

How did you decide on the final colors?.How long did this model take and when did you build it?

The colour is the actual ferrari california blue. It is real automotive paint.

The model took about nine months but in the meantime I finished other models as well.

Alot of people ask this Manuel but we need to know,

what did you think of the kit, what did you think of the parts in the kit?

I think the kit is well detailed especially the interior.

The wheels have to be changed as they are out of scale since the wheel well/arch is very wide compared to other kits.

Manuel, What Inspired you to build this model?

I was inspired by this image:


* Thank you To Manuel from Malta for his participation on this feature.